Calling OnTheMtn Contributors

OnTheMtn is for the outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who just generally love the Blue Ridge Mountains and lifestyle. Therefore, it only makes sense that OnTheMtn also be run by these same individuals. To this end, I want to open up OnTheMtn to be an open source, community based site where people can come to learn and read content created by the folks that are actually running the rivers, hiking the ridges, skiing the slopes, fishing the streams, biking the trails, or wherever else your desires lie.

So, if you have a passion for what you do, and want to share your experiences with others, OnTheMtn is the place for you! While the ultimate outcome will come from you, at a high level I envision different sections, each focused on the various outdoor disciplines, run by a community leader, or moderator, and developed and grown by anyone who is looking for an outlet to also share the love for their adventures.

The high level sections can focus on adventure activities, nature, conservation, lifestyle, and so on, and include whatever content you want to share or think people would be interested in. Just as an example, I think it would be cool to include river levels with historical trends – maybe in the paddling section, although anglers would probably be interested in this as well. Would be nice to also include a topic specific forum where you can organize trips and shuttles, as well as share your pics. Just my $0.02 – it all depends on you. The same concept would probably be useful in the yet to be created Skiing section as well.

Types of OnTheMtn Contributors

In addition to content creators and community leaders, OnTheMtn contributors can also take on the roles of running social campaigns, managing the various social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook,…), SEO, and maintaining the performance and security of the website itself. I have laid the groundwork, but am not married to it. I played around with a number of content management systems, I really like Drupal, but for the ease of starting out I decided to go with WordPress and hosting by GreenGeeks. As with all things OnTheMtn, this is up to you as well.

In short, no matter what your interest, OnTheMtn has a place for you. Want to develop and run social marketing campaigns, design a website or physical products, run an eCommerce store, create a section that matches your outdoor interest – it’s all good! Regarding the more business like roles (marketing, design, development….) you don’t have to be an expert. You could be a student or an up and coming self learner looking to get their feet wet and gain some experience. I can see teams coalescing around their desired interest where individuals with varying levels of experience learn and help each other out.

What is in if for you?

Early OnTheMtn contributors who wish to take a lead can build the section/community that matches your particular interest and expertise – whether it is biking (road and/or mountain), paddling, hiking, camping, bird watching, skiing, fishing, or whatever else your passion might be. You don’t have to be a “computer person” to participate. We have support to get you started in whatever role you would like.

For your efforts, in addition to the outlet to share your knowledge and connect with like-minded folks, you will get an email address as well as free OnTheMtn shirts, hats, and stickers.  And speaking of OnTheMtn products…

Bike Trucker Hat

Bike Trucker Hat

Todd North Carolina

Todd North Carolina

OnTheMtn Charcoal Shirt

OnTheMtn Shirt

OnTheMth Trucker Cap on the New River

OnTheMth Trucker Cap

OnTheMtn Store

The website is financed via the OnTheMtn store. Key contributors, who are interested, will also have the ability to help design new physical items for the store. Since OnTheMtn is a community based endeavor, it only makes sense that you also get a piece of the pie from the store. I am open to suggestions on this – as with the entire site – but can see designers and marketers getting a percentage of profits based on the products that they contribute to – as in a Co-op. How this is actually structured will be decided by the group. A true democracy!

If this sounds like a pretty good gig, please contact me at and let’s start the ball rolling.

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